3 Facts which prove that you are living in a simulation and the matrix is true

Kiran Krishnan
4 min readDec 24, 2021

Fact 3 shatters our current way of living. Find out why.

Beings in simulative matrix

We live everyday but die only once. This life is a big mystery and in that ‘the mind’ is even more mysterious as no one knows or is yet to reveal why it changes during different phases of life and its complete dependence on the perishable body for its existence. The question of whether the body is creating the mind or the mind is creating the body cannot be answered satisfactorily and keeps one pondering about it for ages. Since we are unaware of what is going to happen tomorrow but can project the future based on the experiences of the past, the world is largely a simulation. If an unexpected event happens in between, we correct our prediction and the process of prediction and correction occurs incessantly in our worldly life. The below 3 facts explain our incapability in unraveling the deep mysteries of our existence and purpose.

Fact1: We are all programmed beings

We are all basically programs . We are programmed by nature and nurture. By nature implies of whether we are born as an animal or plant or human which shapes our instincts and survival mechanisms. For eg., if born as a honey bee it is required to feed on flower nectar and if born as a cheetah it is required to feed on another animal like deer. The survival capabilities are already designed for a certain way and it is unchangeable. Human beings cannot survive on tree leaves and grass although they are edible and some animals can happily survive on them. Eating, sleeping, defending and reproducing are very much examples of a programmed life of human beings.

The nurture aspect implies where we are born and to whom we are born also shapes our behavior and interactions . This is especially applicable if born as a human. If born to Christian parents, one becomes Christian, if born to Hindu parents, one becomes Hindu, if born in Australia, one becomes a Aussie and if born in Finland, one becomes Finnish. Thus one’s identity is largely shaped by nature and nurture. Thus the nature program decides our basics or limits of our survival possibilities and nurture program fine tunes it according to the upbringing and social interactions. Also although we are programs , some programs are more powerful than…

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