6 must ingredients to attract, sustain and augment luck in life

Kiran Krishnan
6 min readApr 22, 2023


Luck is uncertain, is unseen, but it is always there, floating in the air and it can fall on anyone at any time!

Luck is everywhere

The difference between the rich and the poor is luck. Apologies to all the super-rich for making such a bold statement but the fact of the matter is, it is the most undeniable truth. Many are working so hard, many are so intelligent, and many are so risk-taking but only a few become super rich. Luck is something that we do not know as it can happen anytime to anyone. When it happens, those who grab it, use it, and grow it becomes rich, and those who cannot grab or hold it and let it slip becomes poor or remain as they are. The below-given ingredients can improve one's chances of ‘being lucky’.

  1. Consistent efforts

Efforts are a must to have. There is no substitute for it. There is a story that goes like this, there was a poor man who was praying to God every day that he should win the weekly one million-dollar lottery. One day, hearing his prayers, God appeared before him and bless that he would win the lottery. But the man was not winning the lottery and continued praying to God, as usual, every day. God appeared again, to which the man asked, why am I yet to win the lottery? To which, God said, first you should buy the lottery ticket and that is the minimum effort required for my blessing to get materialized. The man realized the importance of effort, bought the lottery ticket, and won it.

If one closely observes the life of rich people, it is the consistent efforts that made them rich. Luck is like the unpredictable rain cloud, floating in the air always may rain at any time on the parched land, but it is for us to be prepared to collect the precious water when it happens. Consistent efforts are required in the form of planting trees, building storage tanks, etc., such that when rain clouds pass over, it is attracted and the poured water is stored for later use. Efforts may fail, but we shouldn’t fail to make efforts, luck will eventually happen.

2. Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the key. Blindly working hard doesn't guarantee luck as it is also required to work smart by knowing what one is doing and the outcome of the work. A horse pulling a cart is really working hard but it doesn't have the mind to outwit its master and escape slavery. Lack of mindfulness made the horse, a lifelong slave. But humans are already lucky with a beautiful mind which can be used to improve luck. Observing patterns in incidents, learning from others and one's own mistakes, connecting the dots, having the presence of mind, and taking calculated risks are all aspects of being mindful which when practiced in real life can improve one’s chances of being lucky.

Even if one wins a million-dollar lottery ticket with minimal effort, it requires proper mindfulness on how to judiciously spend the bumper money. There was a case study that examined the fate of the lottery winners a few years down the line and in the outcome of the study, it was shocking to find that the majority of those who won the million-dollar lottery in fact become poorer than they were before the lottery winning. The reasons why they became paupers were attributed to mindless spending, poor decision-making, and planning. Thus to sustain luck, it is required to be mindful of the consequences of luck.

3. The placebo effect

You are, what you think. It is well known that our thought processes have a tremendous effect on the workings of our body and mind. A placebo is something that appears to be real but isn’t. Placebo effect is such that an individual's physical or mental well-being seems to improve after taking a placebo. A placebo can be a sugar pill or saline injection or even a dummy surgery procedure. Such is the power of the thought process that in the pharma industry when they create a drug, it has to undergo a double-blind trial to overcome the placebo effect.

A double-blind trial ensures that neither the subjects nor the experimenters know who is receiving a particular treatment. It is because, it has been found that if a person just believes that he is been given treatment, that is enough to improve his health condition. This exposes the amazing body-mind connection that modern science is yet to fully grasp. If this is allowed to be fully explored, then it can solve many human problems.

One can always use the power of positive thoughts to attract more luck. It is because nerves that fire together, wire together. The positive patterns which are created in the brain make one put in sustained efforts which improve the chance of getting better luck. Mental conditioning associating a positive outcome with effort is how it works.

4. Maintain good health

Good health is real wealth. A disease-free life is a life with immortal wealth. Health is very much essential to do work and good health is defined as enthusiasm to work. Maintaining good health is very much essential in attracting good luck. Getting disease affects one’s will to put in efforts which in turn impedes luck.

Bad habits like drinking alcohol, smoking, chewing tobacco, and taking drugs are known to put a strain on the body and mind which affects one’s clarity of thought. For Eg. Alcohol is a depressant and tobacco is a stimulant that affects the real state of mind and makes one prone to wrong decisions.

One is extremely lucky to be born with healthy genes which are totally inherited from parents. Spoiling them with bad habits not only ruins one’s life but also the lives of the next generation. Thus it is essential to sustain them and give the same to the next generation so that they can also be lucky.

5. Having high moral standards

Morality is when no one else is watching. If wealth is lost, nothing is lost. If health is lost, something is lost. If the character is lost, everything is lost. Most people conform to the law and order not because they like it or because they are good souls but because it is for the sake of avoiding punishment when caught. Then there are a few others who find loopholes in laws to exploit them to their advantage, thus their crimes never get noticed. Self-morality is indeed very rarely exhibited.

Lack of self-morality affects good luck as doing immoral acts repeatedly overcomes the barriers to criminality. This later becomes habit and habit becomes the character, then it becomes normal for an individual to commit mischief or crimes. It becomes a part of life and it is just a matter of time before the individual gets caught thus affecting luck. Here, one is improving the chance of bad luck by doing immoral acts. The opposing effect is, by being a noble, one is improving one’s chances of good luck.

6. Empathy is the real intelligence

Do unto others what you wish to happen to yourself. This is the law of cause and effect. Putting oneself in another’s shoes when making decisions can help one to be more realistic in life. In life, empathy matters a lot in attracting luck. The more, people are made better off, the more they come back with goodness. And the surprising fact here is that the helping hand comes from the most unexpected of sources or times. Thus, try to treat everyone well by stepping into their shoes to find the root cause of the circumstances which made them act in a specific way rather than going with the face value. This will help to create a lot of good impressions in the mind of others.

What goes around comes around. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Never be part of injustice which can create further injustice. It is essential to be empathetic toward fellow beings such that situations of uncertainty are avoided and luck for goodness happens. IQ is getting want your want no matter the means. For a person with a high IQ, the end is more important than the means. But EQ is holistic. For a person with a high EQ, means are more important than the end. It matters a lot in long-term happiness and attracting perpetual good luck.



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