Your heart ❤️ will thank you if you run 🏃 in anti-clockwise direction rather than clockwise direction in a circuit

Centrifugal force in action!

Couples running

If you are running in a circuit, would there be any advantage for your heart if you are running from left to right, in anti-clockwise direction…

Biscuits are silent assassins in your plate and they aren’t as innocent as they look

This is an eye opener that in processed food like biscuits apart from ingredients, how it is processed also matters. Find out why?

Biscuits heaped to be devoured but they may not be so healthy as thought
Heaped biscuits: Colorful, odorful but may not be healthy

We all love biscuits irrespective of age, gender and race. They come…

3 approaches to tackle the fear of dying alone 😯

Always be positive! 🙌

Middle aged man

One of my office colleague who is middle aged and unmarried soberly stated during our lunch time that he is living alone and fears that he may die alone unnoticed by anyone in his home only…

Stealing for greed vs Stealing for need 🤔

Should we punish a mother who steals to feed her baby?

Stealing: Greed vs Need

Stealing literally means, “taking another’s, without permission “. If we go by this meaning holistically, all of us are stealers one way or the other as explained below. Stealing as a…

An old man 👴 ate some unsuspecting walnuts that landed him in hospital 🏥

Why walnut causes decrease of platelets in blood?

Walnuts are healthy for many, but not for all
Walnuts: Healthy mostly, unhealthy for few

Walnuts are one of the common household food items widely used for their abilities to improve cognitive and heart health. For eg., walnuts are the single largest plant…

Love ❤️ and Ego 💔. Newton’s 3rd law in relationship 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨

Lesser the love, more will be the ego!

Love and ego are opposite to each other
Love vs Ego

Newton’s third law of motion states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Love and ego goes hand in hand in all relationships and the strength of…

3 situations where some humans behave indifferently irrespective of their education or status 🙄

Darwin wins over Einstein 😃

People: Similar and Dissimilar

Situations are truly the test of time and it is when the true nature of people comes out. This is very important to understand as human fault lines are more common…

Coca-Cola 🍷vs Ronaldo ⚽️. What went wrong?

You can fool some people sometimes but not all the people all the times.

Celebrity and Coca-Cola

On June14, 2021, Cristiano Ronaldo, the football legend during a pre-match press conference pushed away two bottles of coke which was placed in front of him as far away…

Kiran Krishnan

Life enthusiast; Seeker; Renaissance man; Life long student ; Self taught scientist.

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