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3 min readDec 7, 2021

Height of corporate indecency: A CEO firing 900 of his employees over a zoom call

Why can’t corporate higher ups treat fellow humans humane?

A Self focused CEO who isnt bothered about the darkness outside
A CEO focusing on self

“We are one family” is a familiar phrase dished out to employees at good times by almost all corporate companies. But when times change , their true colors are revealed often to the surprise of their dedicated employees who believed all their lies all the while and it would have been too late to realize that it was a mere eye wash or lip service by their employer. Recently a CEO of a corporate company fired 900 of his employees over a zoom call citing their sub optimal performance as one of the reasons for their termination. But poor performance of an employee is never a bolt out a clear sky but it happens over a while which can improved by review meetings or prior warnings. Thus the reason cited by the CEO is totally farce.

Actually speaking retrenchment of employees is never a new thing as it has always been happening during economic downturns which is very much understood. Also, employees are also cognizant of the market situation and performance of the company when it happens as they know that the company which they are working is a sinking ship. So they accept the action of the company gracefully as one sinking person cannot save another person from sinking. But when a company is doing fine and employees are fired over a zoom call by the CEO, then that is quite inconsiderate. While it should be noted that not all corporate companies are evil but bad apples are always there. It is said that, “ imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”, but those corporates which are bad apples, they don’t practice what they preach.

Why some corporates behave badly with their employees?

  1. Sense of entitlement

Humans are easily replaceable is the mentality of many higher ups in the corporate world. The job supply is always greater than job demand and they know that it is easy to find another individual or replacement. They think that employees should be thankful to them for giving them job and helping them and their family to survive. Human beings are like numbers for them and are treated like animals in farm. Literally the treatment is like “modern day slaves” with the difference being access cards, boots and tie.

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