How to choose the right water melon and the right politician

Kiran Krishnan
6 min readJun 25, 2021
Melons and politicians of many kinds

It is well known from all around the world, be developed or developing or undeveloped countries, the politicians are taking their people for a ride by taking unilateral, opaque and selfish decisions which are disconnected from their people who voted them to power. Democracy for everyone only exists until the candidate is voted to power and after taking office, all politicians behave the same way either behaving autocratic or like a dictator making oneself immune to all types of malpractices and giving oneself power to act as if one alone exist.

Thus it is high time for people to select the right politician whom they vote to represent them before the person occupies office. This will ensure that, “All power corrupts. Take care which powers you allow a democracy to wield” and disallowing “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”

Watermelons quench our thirst and hunger and in market they are available in plenty. There are certain methods available to select the best ripe watermelon among many, rather than feeling cheated after they had been cut at home and found to be useless as there is no return policy by the shop keeper. Similarly nothing can be done after a politician has been elected to power and found to be useless as there is no take back policy by electoral system. Let’s understand the methods available to select the right watermelon and apply the same to a potential political candidate before voted to power.

1. Brown or green stem vs Detached or attached person

Brown stem means the melon has ripened on the stem when they were picked during harvest. The concept of browning of stem is to detach the ripe fruit to be useful for others rather the plant itself. Any person in public life to serve others it is best to be detached to his personal interests or shouldn’t mix public and personal interests. A political candidate should be wary of this and so are his voters. Only then he is a good politician. Otherwise it will give rise to conflict of interest due to pressures from various sides seeking benefits from the power.

Why is conflict of interest dangerous? Let’s say for example a politician runs a real estate business. He buys large hectares of land in a remote farm area at a dirt cheap rate…



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