The 3 unanswered A’s the big pharma need to answer while making the big claim of more than 90% efficacy for COVID-19 vaccines in their trails

Kiran Krishnan
3 min readDec 20, 2020

Vaccines are like twin edged swords, they can save lives or kill lives. While vaccines are not new, as they exist from several centuries ago aiding in prevention and eradication of several deadly diseases, but the current viral disease is new and so is its challenges in tackling them. Many big pharma companies are involved in the trails to provide hope or solution for humans in transiting to the next normal. Usually vaccine approval to production takes long time, as it is not child’s play to tinker with human life. Thus it is of paramount importance to answer the below three questions to instill confidence among the potential users of the vaccine such that the big claim of more than 90% efficacy is unflawed and any foul play is negated. The devil is in the details. Lets hope the devil is only imaginary.

1. Activity

Thousands and thousands of volunteers were used for the trails that consisted of equal number of candidates in vaccine groups and placebo groups. However, in these it is unknown what where the activity of the people who received the vaccine and placebo. What were they doing after they received the shots? What was their occupation? It is well known that, the more ones gets exposed in crowded areas, the more is the chance of one being infected. How many of these volunteers were working from home or idle without outdoor activities in both groups? What were the activity of the inhabitants or family members of the groups?

A doubtful human mind may say that the volunteers from vaccine group were all people who had limited activity or their family members with limited activity, with limited exposure to virus and thus was not infected. Lets not forget that events just can happen in random.

2. Area

The area from which the volunteers came from is crucial to disclose, as there is high-risk area, where the population is of high density and low risk area, which is sparingly populated. It is better off to divulge the data for the locality of where the groups belong. Moreover there are certain areas where the affluent section of people live who can afford better control measures than those…

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