Waves after Waves: Three factors which will largely decide the course of the pandemic and why vaccination success is even dependent on it

Kiran Krishnan
5 min readJun 24, 2021
Defense against an unknown virus

It seems like there is no light at the end of the tunnel as countries are only able to tackle the virus briefly after which the virus comes back with more virulence to cause more financial and health implications. Governments, Businesses and people are clueless of how to tackle the virus worldwide and just when a successes story or travel bubble come up, it is followed up by new waves of infection and another tragedy for the bubbles to burst.

There are three factors which everyone needs to be aware of, out of which the first one is not in our control and the next two are totally in our control which will decide the course of the pandemic. Vaccinations do help in minimizing the infections but there are variety of vaccines with various percentage of efficacy and breakthrough infections are always possible. Also there is great vaccine disparity around the world with some countries especially the wealthy ones able to vaccinate their population earlier than the poorer countries who needs to do catch up. Thus the three factors are going to be crucial as given below even for vaccines to be successful.

1. Viral mutation

2. Social controls

3. Individual behavior

They say all is well, which ends well. As far this SARS-COVID-2 is concerned it doesn’t end well if one gets caught with this virus with high load to suffer forever losing loved ones and being a long hauler.

1. Viral mutation:

It is natural for virus to mutate. The virus has been programmed for this by nature, to survive somehow against all odds. Usually mutation is a double edged sword as it can make the virus less dangerous or more dangerous. When it mutates to be less dangerous in the host, it just survives symbiotically with the host totally in harmony.

But when the opposite happens it proliferates rapidly in the host getting inside tissues and organs for to be recognized by immunity to be cleared off. But here is a catch. Sometimes strangely for some the immunity goes overdrive and causes excessive inflammation and fluid leakage in to the organs to cause serious…

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