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Your heart ❤️ will thank you if you run 🏃 in anti-clockwise direction rather than clockwise direction in a circuit

Centrifugal force in action!

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If you are running in a circuit, would there be any advantage for your heart if you are running from left to right, in anti-clockwise direction rather than from right to left , in clockwise direction? Yes, there would be some advantage says science.

The centrifugal force and the blood flow from superior vena cava are two concepts which needs to be understood first.

What is centrifugal force?

Centrifugal force is the apparent force experienced towards the outside of a circle and is due to the mass of the object resisting the inward centripetal acceleration that the object is experiencing.

Thus to simply, centrifugal force is the center fleeing force, and is the opposite of centripetal force, which is the center seeking force. While running in a circular path in a ground you will be subjected to both centripetal and centrifugal force.

Centrifugal force in action

What is the role of blood flow from superior vena cava?

Superior vena cava is one of the largest vein in human body whose function is to carry impure blood or deoxygenated blood from upper half of the body into the suction of the heart (right atrium), which then sends it to the lungs for purification or oxygenation to be pumped throughout the entire body.

What is the relationship between running anti-clockwise and superior vena cava?

Since the superior vena cava carries impure blood to the right atrium of the heart, running from left to right in anti-clockwise direction facilitates the blood flow and the centrifugal force which is experienced outwardly helps in this suction of blood. The opposite happens if running in clockwise direction from right to left as blood flow will be impeded and it would be unhealthy to slow down the deoxygenated blood thereby affecting the reach of oxygenated blood to other organs of body.

Superior vena cava of heart carrying deoxygenated blood to the heart
Superior vena cava carrying impure blood to heart

Self try:

One can personally try to run few circles in anti-clockwise direction and then in clockwise direction and see which directional run is making one tired faster. As per this logic , the latter one would be more tiring due to impediment in the return of deoxygenated blood.



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